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To make buying your next car as simple as possible we offer excellent prices on a wide range of vehicles. Call us today or complete the form below for a current trade value. Remember, for an accurate valuation of your car we need to know about any defects that could reduce its resale value. Final prices will be agreed on inspection. We are always looking to buy new stock and using our experience and knowledge of the market our aim is to make selling your car as simple and convenient as possible.

There are a few different options when it comes to selling your car


The most convenient way of buying a new car is undoubtedly by offering your current car in part-exchange and very often is the best way to strike a good deal. Though we always prefer to part-exchange a car we can sell on ourselves we can part-exchange almost any car and due to our fantastic relationships with a network of dealerships we will ensure we get the very best price for your car.


Just need to sell your car to free up some funds? We have the facility to be able to buy cars outright and this is our preferred method of buying. It’s simple, hassle-free and can be arranged within 24 hours if needs be.

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Please note: this is NOT an application for part-exchange and you are under no obligation to accept any part-exchange that may be offered to you. This form is simply a facility for us to make enquiries into any potential part-exchange deal that may be available to you. Written quotations are available on request.